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Master CheeZy


The Elves of the forest are terrorized by bad happenings in their history.  They have not been able to truly call a territory their own for very long.  The first place they decided on trying to make an official city out of was Bonswadu. Sadly, the entire forest and central most tree where the government was held was burned to the ground by a rogue group of Orcs killing for pleasure and money.

The Elves have always been a more poor race causing their cities to have the highest amounts of crime. The cities are built high in the trees usually centered around a central tree that acts as the government building.  The king of the Elves has long opposed most treaties with the other races but the government ruled in favor of them causing him to delve into darkness.  The Elves may be on the virge of civil war.  What will you do?


Backstab:50% chance of 150% damage
Fire Arrow:Set your target on fire
Escape Artist

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