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Queen Waady


After the war between the Orcs and the Humans, Emily and Goon decided to have a baby. Goon wanted to name her, Samantha, but Emily was all like, "Goon! HELL no!" So they finally settled on Sam. Everyone calls her Waady though. Sam grew up like a normal kid, but only had one difference; she was part Arachin and part Ascended. Of course every now and then she got picked on, but she mangaged. When she grew up, Goon and Emily married her to Prince Brunchy; the soon to be King of humans. King Raja (the former king of humans agreed with Emily and Goon, so the marriage was arranged. Sam and
Brunchy had met a couple times before, and were kind of fond of eachother, so they didn't really argue with there parents about the arrangement. A day after the marriage, King Raja was questioned for treason, and was found guilty. His punishment was to have his head cut off, thus making Brunchy and Sam, King and Queen of humans one day after getting married. The only thing people are worried about with Sam now, is that she is half Arachin and half Ascended, and that one day she could become the Queen of two enemy races.


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